Trump's Partner in the Philippines

Donald Trump is partnering with the Trade Envoy from the Philippines to build a $150m tower in Manilla. 

The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has had more than 4,500 people killed in his first year in office and compares himself to Hitler. Yet Trump praised him during the campaign. Is Trump praising Duterte to protect his business interests?

Learn more and SIGN THE PETITION to tell Congress to end Trump's foreign conflicts. 

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Trump's Interests in Indonesia

Trump's business partner in Indonesia is working to create a Trump inspired movement in Indonesia. Will Trump interfere in the internal politics of an important ally in the fight against radicalism to help his business partner?

Find out more about Trump's interests in Indonesia and SIGN THE PETITION to end Trump's foreign conflicts.

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Jeopardizing the Special Relationship - Trump in Scotland

Donald Trump brags that Brexit and a weak Pound would help increase tourism for his golf courses in Scotland - rooting against America's closest partner in the world. A weaker UK hurts America's national security, but apparently helps Trump's bottom line. Learn more about how Trump's interests in Scotland put our security at risk. 

Tell Congress to end Trump's foreign conflicts. Sign the petition

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Trump's Connections in South Korea

Donald Trump has suggested South Korea should build their own nuclear weapons. Turns out a business partner of his would benefit from a South Korean nuclear program. 

Learn more about Donald Trump's foreign conflicts in South Korea and how they risk American national security. 

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Trump's Indian Interests

Donald Trump's business relationship with members of the Indian Parliament risk U.S. interests in a region with nuclear and terrorist threats.

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Trump's Interests in Turkey

Donald Trump's two towers in Istanbul, Turkey present a serious risk to America's foreign interests. 

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